Thursday, February 16, 2017

Genevieve turns 6

Tyler and I have been really struggling with this one.  Let's be honest, we struggle every year...but  Six?   6?!    (I won't say it again because then it turns this beautiful girl growing up into something else entirely...)

Every year we are amazed at how quickly a year goes and how much a child can change in that time. What is so different about six?  Well six is the end of the "small child" stage...the end of our preschooler.... now she is a KID.  Not sure if that makes sense..but it makes sense to us, and we are having to say goodbye.

This year she started gymnastics, and kindergarten.   She wants to be a robotics engineer when she grows up and she has all her money saved away for a purple convertible.   She has saved every penny she has received from birthdays and Christmas, and has only spent money from her piggy bank once and that was this year.   She counted out 8 dollars from her bank and bought her cousin Joelle a book for Christmas because she knew how much she loved to read.

Watching her grow in empathy this year has been amazing. She has always had a tender heart and sensitive spirit, and seeing that manifest into a heart for others full of care and concern has been beautiful.   As her parents we have seen her sensitive heart as something to be careful with, to nurture yet protect, and seeing the positives start to flourish after the care we have invested has probably been one of the most rewarding experiences we have had as her parents.

She is full of confidence, and my hope and prayer is that her confidence is also something we will continue to nurture and see flourish.  She loves learning, and she is proud of the knowledge she has.  She is proud to be FANCY, yet isn't afraid to get dirty.  She loves animals fiercely, and has thanked us almost every day for allowing her to get a guinea pig from Nana for her birthday.  She loves stories, and has been sad at the end of every chapter book that it had to end.   She is terrible at telling jokes but she thinks she is hilarious.

 We love her a lot, and are so thankful to be her parents.  Happy 6th birthday Genevieve!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Zeke turns 3

Ezekiel Gambit is turning 3, and it's been a tremendously fun year with this boy.  He changed, and grew in so many ways this year...but the most significant change this year... the HAIR. 
Early in this year we took away his binky... by 'we' I really mean Tyler...because I was afraid it would disrupt my perfect sleeper.   It did, my boy who would grab his blanket and binky and run for nap started fighting sleep the second we took it away.  He still fights it, but he's improving. 

 Zeke's long floppy hair seemed to be getting a little bit poofy, and we decided to cut it short for the hot summer months.  I was quite amazed how much I missed his long floppy hair, he looked so big to me, but I knew his hair would probably grow back quickly.    Also, this summer we went to Colorado and letting my "Wild Thing" toddler loose on the mountains was a really amazing thing.

He is a joy and his laughter is contagious.  I can't think of a day that goes by that he doesn't make us laugh out loud.   He enjoys the simple things in life, actually he enjoys almost everything in life.  

He has a love for all living things.  I love seeing his tender heart.  He just cares, and it's adorable.

He is extremely expressive, he has about a hundred thousand facial expressions and voices.  He likes singing loudly to Elmo or the tune of The Nutcracker.  He likes wearing his Superman cape with a Batman mask and...Vi's tutu.   He actually really loves tutus.   While I know Tyler doesn't love it, we love watching him mimic his big sister, because of course, he loves her probably most of all.

I can't really turn my back on him and expect to find him doing anything but being...adventurous.  We really try to encourage his adventurous side, so I guess we shouldn't expect any less...but sometimes it's hard to keep up with.  Most of the time when I'm not looking, I find him being extremely disgusting...usually something to do with his dirty diaper... but let's not go there, trying to focus on all these wonderful things about my son...not the disgusting.
I looked away and he started driving away in the golf cart at my grandparents farm!

I'm sitting here wrapping up this blog while Zeke is sitting on the edge of the couch pretending to punch himself and falling onto the cushions... a few minutes ago he was dancing quietly in a tutu to Beethoven.  That image sums up Zeke pretty well right now.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Vi turns 5

It just kind of crept up this year... I can't believe it's already time for Vi's annual blog.

She came up to me this week and said, "Mom, if I could stay 4 I would...I want to, it's just that I'm going to keep growing."  I asked her why she wanted to stay 4 (besides the fact that I want her to stay my little girl) and she replied, "well, being a grown up is a LOT of work, and I like being a kid".  

Maybe she's realizing this is her last year in preschool.  Maybe I'm realizing it and can't believe it.

She continues to grow and amuse us and of course, become more and more independent.

There were new parenting obstacles;  helping a 4 year old process grief was painful.  It was the first time we saw our daughter experience true heartbreak, and it broke our hearts as well.

Then there were the same old parenting obstacles, this kid can still whine and carry on with dramatics in an almost impressive way.   Except we're not impressed.   I guess I gotta give her credit for her fierce stubbornness right?

I have been so fortunate to be able to take her to work with me and watch her grow with others.  The thing I take the most joy in watching is her capability to be friends with ANYONE.  She has one little friend who she has been friends with since they started as 2 year olds together, who she loves dearly, yet she is frequently playing with children in all the other classes as well...if you're willing to play, you've got a friend in Vi.  

She loves Charlotte.  She calls her onto her bed, outside to play, she tries playing hide and seek with her.   Seeing a kid play with their dog is always endearing.

It's amazing to see how she stays true to who she has always been, but grows in it.  She continues to be sensitive and tender hearted, yet adventurous and daring.  She loves people, but also loves time to herself to read and relax.  She laughs, delights and admires easily and still outwits me when I'm not paying attention.

Another year slipping by so quickly, filled with tears, joy, laughter and adventures.  You don't have to remind us to appreciate it because it goes quickly...we are quite aware.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

On Not Giving In to "Baby Fever"

I have a lot of pregnant friends right now... and quite a few of those pregnant friends are going from 2 to 3 kids.  I am SO excited for them, I look forward to cuddling their tiny humans in my arms.  Their families are lovely, and I am excited to be their friend who gets to be there to support them and love them during this beautiful time in their lives.

It's just not for me, I am done.

We always talked about having three or four kids, when we dreamed of our future family we never imagined two kids.  Two seemed too little of a family, no tie breaker, I liked the idea of large family get together's with lots of love and fun.  That was before I was pregnant.  I know nine months is not that long in the scale of a life time...but it's still a long freaking time.  I'm a terrible pregnant person, I hated it, it wasn't a magical, glowing time for me.  I was mean, hormonal, uncomfortable, sleep deprived... and then child birth.  Oh dear god, childbirth.   Ladies, get an epidural.   I did the natural child birth thing, I wouldn't have done it any other way, I'd do it again... but no, I wouldn't, because I don't want to ever do it again, child birth is reason enough to not have another child.  Immediately after Z was born I turned to my husband and said, "I am NEVER doing that again".  I guess some people forget the pain, the whole "birth is beautiful" mantra...  it is beautiful, but only because new life is beautiful, because in all actuality birth is ugly, gross and extremely painful.  Then there's the whole postpartum depression thing that I guess some women don't get at all, but personally, I'd rather not sit crying in front of the window all day again for no particular reason.
Oy vey I digressed... those are factors into our decision to be done having children, but not the entire picture.  

*Car seats:  running ANYWHERE with 2 kids in car seats is a pain.  I mean, I 'could' wait until V outgrew hers to have another kid, but these days kids are in some kind of car seat until they drive.  So no thanks.
* Sleep:  I really like it, a lot.   The thought of living in a state of perpetual sleep deprivation again doesn't appeal to me.
*Diapers:  Just because my child is a wonderful gift from God, doesn't make it's crap any less disgusting.  We are about to potty train Z and the end of diapers is within our grasps, and it looks oh so beautiful.
*I don't want to lose any more of my brain.  I remember calling my mom and telling her I kept losing more of my brain with each child, and she laughingly told me it never comes back.  So far she's right, and I can't afford to lose any more.

*I can't afford another car.
*Two against two: Tyler and I can divide and conquer our kids, no matter the situation.  I feel empowered, and I'm afraid when we get outnumbered the kids will smell our fear and overtake us.
*Babysitters:  People OFFER to babysit, usually I don't need one because our family also offers to babysit, but I've heard moms with 4-5 kids not only find it difficult to find a babysitter, then they have to pay out the wazoo for them to watch their little army.
*My wild thing toddler is excellent birth control.    I enjoy him, don't get me wrong, I even ENJOY his...wildness, it's mostly entertaining...but extremely exhausting.  I CAN'T LOOK AWAY.  How would I possibly take care of a baby when Wild Thing would be in the next room ripping up books?  Putting his dirty diaper in random places?  Rubbing Vaseline all over the place?  (All experienced in one week.)

So there we go folks, keep having babies for me to love, snuggle, and dote on, because this mommy is done but will inevitably miss having baby snuggles...just not my own...actual baby.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Type B in a Type A World

I keep seeing all sorts of memes, articles and blogs about how selfish people are who are late.  As someone who used to typically runs late places, I read these with a sense of guilt.   I would read it as: when I'm late people assume I'm rude and selfish, that I care more about myself than others, that I'm just overall inconsiderate.

Now, to be clear, there is this culture where people show up late places on purpose because they truly do not care.  I'd even say that it happens frequently, and that there are some self absorbed people who live a self absorbed life.

I do not consider myself one of those people... usually.  (Some days...what can I say?)

One thing that was abundantly clear, the people I know that have this viewpoint are clear cut Type A personality types.   The person who has an urgency with time, that is a planner, who can plan precisely for their day, and actually stick to their plan. 

I am definitely not one of these people.

So I did some reading around and found this interesting article: here

If you don't want to read the article, one of the most interesting things I got from it is this: "Across three previous studies, Type A individuals estimated that a minute passed in 58 seconds, compared with 77 seconds for Type B individuals. “So if you have an 18-second gap…that difference can add up over time,” Dr. Conte said."
In other words, the friend of yours who is always late may experience time differently than you do.
I am this friend.  However, I'm not the friend who thinks it's "ok" to just be late.  I have to tell you, when I walk in five minutes late, what you didn't see was my panicked running around the house for 30 minutes looking for things, forgetting things, not realizing that brushing my kids hair was going to take 10 minutes instead of 5, or last minute pulling back into the driveway because I forgot to let the dogs back in.   It's usually chaos.  The sad part, or good part, is that I'm far better than I used to be.
I usually plan out everything I can think of the night before work.  I lay out clothes, I pack lunches, I get up earlier...yet's a HUGE feat for me to get out the door on time...which most days I miraculously accomplish.  It is a huge source of stress.

Thank goodness my director saw past my weakness when I showed up 15 minutes late to an interview.  I forgot what time I was supposed to be there...made a guess, and was wrong.  I have worked at that same place for about 7 years.  Because she chose to show grace in my moment of weakness, I was able to grow and mature in my weakness, all while demonstrating my strengths as her employee. 
I guess my point is this: when someone is late to something, don't just assume they're rude and selfish.  Assume they might have a different personality than you, that they have different strengths than you do, and their weakness is...kind of obvious.