Monday, February 12, 2018

Genevieve turns 7

It's Vi's birthday week:
"Life flies by in're not a baby Gracie you're my friend.  You'll be a lady soon but until gotta do what I say."

I've loved Ben Folds ability to tell stories through song for years....this year his song "Gracie" is what immediately came to mind when I sat down to write this blog.    I think it's because this year I am starting to see more clearly the young lady Genevieve will become.   Small glimpses...but she is coming more into herself. 

She is fiercely driven.  Once she sets her mind to accomplishing something, she follows through with a perseverance that leaves me quite impressed.  She has started doing extra chores to earn money towards things she would like so she doesn't have to take money from her convertible savings.  I could take a few notes from her self-control and money management skills....

She loves nature. definitely nurtured in our home.  She listens, she observes closely, explores, asks questions, and genuinely appreciates all nature has to offer.  She remarks on the colors of the sunset and wonders if God possibly loves pink and purple as much as she does.  She constantly asks me to bring the "nature cards" that Karlie got us whenever I mention going to the park.  She explores the textures around her, and gathers what she can to bring back to her space.

She is still as girly as they come.  This year she was prescribed glasses, she loved getting to pick out her new purple glasses, they made her look older, and are awfully adorable.  She loves dressing up, feeling pretty, and going on dates with her daddy.  This year she asked me for a braided headband and patiently sat throughout the week as I watched YouTube videos and attempted to do her hair for her.  She gave lots of encouragement and praise, and in the end, she was delighted to have her hair styled just the way she wanted for a special night out with her dad.

Her full array of emotions confuses us but is part of her loving, empathetic heart.  A few times this year we caught her crying and she had no reason other than "I just feel like crying".  You do you girl.  But she loves her family devotedly, that's for certain.  I'm amazed how she can play with her brother for HOURS with little to no bickering, they just want to have fun.

 She wanted a "creating and inventing" space, so she got a new desk where she sits for hours creating art or gluing and taping things together that end up being some kind of invented contraption.  Creating is her passion as of late, and it's fun to watch her imagination come to life.

As always, it's been a fun year that has flown by. She's grown socially, emotionally, academically, and physically and I am always amazed and in love with who she is and who she is becoming.

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