Saturday, March 9, 2019

Ezekiel turns 6

This year flew by, but then again, Ezekiel in general flies by...until he comes to a complete halt to cuddle.   He likes to live in the extremes.

Beginning this blog I asked Tyler (like I always do), "So have any input for me from the year for me to input to the birthday blog?"  His response: "He's crazy".   But that's the same every year, he has seemed crazy to us from the beginning, but in the most entertaining ways (most of the time).

  He loves spending time outside, and we love him spending time outside (wild things belong in the wild).  The boy loves trees, he asks to go to certain parks by describing his favorite trees at that park.  "Can we go to the park with the really big sideways tree?  Can we go to the park with the tree that I climbed with Papa Danny?  Can we go to the park with the tree by the pond?"

We looked outside awhile ago and saw him climbing the tree....with a chair.  He was trying to balance his camp chair in the tree to sit in, and we let him.   We both stood at the window and watched, his coordination and determination was impressive.  Tyler said to me "well, we might finally have our first broken bone"....we didn't.   As crazy as he is, he also has impressive control. 

But beyond all the crazy, is the most kind and compassionate heart.  Don't get me wrong, the kid is ornery, but it blows my mind how kind he continues to be.   Anything he has, he is willing to share with his sister.  He spent his own money to buy a pack of gum, and anytime he got a piece, he let his sister have a piece.  Which may seem just kind of nice, and his sister is wonderful, but she rarely shares in return...but it doesn't matter, he continues to do so.   The other day at the store we walked by a little girl who asked her mom if she could have a stuffed animal she saw.  When the mom said "no", Zeke asked me if he could spend his money and buy the little girl the stuffed animal.  (I didn't let him, because I am also not as kind as he is). 

He has grown so much in his focus and determination to improve and learn.  He worked hard and has advanced to a blue belt in karate.  He is the youngest kid in the more advanced a couple years.   But he holds his own, works hard and shows pride in his progress.   We are extremely proud watching his growth.  

 He seems to excel in logic and complex patterns.  The kid still can't quite tell me his letters but has completely gone through his logic workbook, learned games like chess and Azul and is grasping addition.  

He continues to be the laid back, generally joyful, coffee stealing, couch jumping, loud presence in our home.  We love him a lot and although I would love to see time slow down a bit, we continue to look forward to watching him grow and mature.  

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