Thursday, February 16, 2017

Genevieve turns 6

Tyler and I have been really struggling with this one.  Let's be honest, we struggle every year...but  Six?   6?!    (I won't say it again because then it turns this beautiful girl growing up into something else entirely...)

Every year we are amazed at how quickly a year goes and how much a child can change in that time. What is so different about six?  Well six is the end of the "small child" stage...the end of our preschooler.... now she is a KID.  Not sure if that makes sense..but it makes sense to us, and we are having to say goodbye.

This year she started gymnastics, and kindergarten.   She wants to be a robotics engineer when she grows up and she has all her money saved away for a purple convertible.   She has saved every penny she has received from birthdays and Christmas, and has only spent money from her piggy bank once and that was this year.   She counted out 8 dollars from her bank and bought her cousin Joelle a book for Christmas because she knew how much she loved to read.

Watching her grow in empathy this year has been amazing. She has always had a tender heart and sensitive spirit, and seeing that manifest into a heart for others full of care and concern has been beautiful.   As her parents we have seen her sensitive heart as something to be careful with, to nurture yet protect, and seeing the positives start to flourish after the care we have invested has probably been one of the most rewarding experiences we have had as her parents.

She is full of confidence, and my hope and prayer is that her confidence is also something we will continue to nurture and see flourish.  She loves learning, and she is proud of the knowledge she has.  She is proud to be FANCY, yet isn't afraid to get dirty.  She loves animals fiercely, and has thanked us almost every day for allowing her to get a guinea pig from Nana for her birthday.  She loves stories, and has been sad at the end of every chapter book that it had to end.   She is terrible at telling jokes but she thinks she is hilarious.

 We love her a lot, and are so thankful to be her parents.  Happy 6th birthday Genevieve!

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